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Crazy Roll 3D

About Crazy Roll 3D

Welcome to Crazy Roll 3D - a fun arcade game. To win this game, the player needs to have a good reflection and avoid all the obstacles on the rolling path.

This is a ball control game like Going Balls, however, Crazy Roll 3D will bring an exciting and challenging experience. In this game, you will face a movable rolling path, so you need to be extremely careful. The game requires you to have a good reflexes to overcome all obstacles and get the highest score.

Features of Crazy Roll 3D

  • Control the ball on a moving path
  • Play with your favorite balls

Play easier with power-ups

During the game, you have to collect diamonds. When you fail, you can use 100 diamonds to continue the turn. Besides, diamonds are used to buy items in the shop. You can buy the ball you want to play, the game has a variety of balls such as soccer balls, basketball balls, or tennis balls. Also, you can buy power-ups to play the game more easily.


  • Shield to block the effect of obstacles
  • Magnets to collect more diamonds
  • X2 to get a higher score.

How to play

The player will have to control the ball on a moving path. The path can slant continuously on both sides and affect the direction of the ball. In addition, obstacles constantly appear that require you to have good reflexes. The game has a leaderboard, where the players with the highest scores can put their names. Use the control keys flexibly to get the highest score and put your name on the leaderboard.

How to control:

  • Use the A key and the left arrow to steer left
  • Use the D key and the right arrow to steer right
  • Use 1, 2, and 3 keys to use power-ups.

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