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Def Island!

About Def Island!

Def Island! is a very attractive cannon shooting fighting game. In this game, your mission is to use your north gun to shoot down all the opponent's warships.

You will have to use a variety of weapons, from machine guns, pistols, and rifles, to bombs and missiles, to destroy enemies and complete missions. You can also upgrade your weapons and equipment to increase your combat abilities. The game has realistic 3D graphics and vivid sound effects, giving the feeling that you are in a real war. This is a very attractive and challenging game that requires you to have good shooting and tactical skills. Let's start this war and prove you are the best mercenary!


For each type of opponent and each type of combat situation, you should choose the right weapon. For example, you can use a machine gun to eliminate enemies quickly, a pistol to snipe them from a distance, a bomb to remove obstacles, or both to create a powerful explosion.

To escape being shot, you need to move quickly and take advantage of shielding positions. To make it difficult for the opposition, you should often reverse your movement direction. To move, you can sit, lie down, run, or jump.

To improve your combat skills, you should update your equipment and weapons. You can buy new equipment for your gun, such as scopes, silencers, and ammunition. Alternatively, you can purchase helmets, goggles, or additional assistive devices.

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