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Dirt Bike Rally

Start a BMX race in the Dirt Bike Rally now. You will experience a great racing simulation game with beautiful 3D graphics.

Are you a fan of super cool motorcycles? Do you want to become a professional motocross racer to be able to conquer every track? If so then the Dirt Bike Rally online game is perfect for you. Dirt Bike Rally is a realistic motorcycle racing simulation game with cute cartoon art 3D gameplay. Here You have the opportunity to ride a motorbike and participate in a BMX race to compete for the championship trophy. Let's start racing now and enjoy a great favorite motorcycle racing game!

At this track, your task is to finish first among all the riders participating in this off-road motorcycle race. There are a total of 6 riders participating in this tournament. Each rider will wear a different color moiojt. The player you control is red. All of them are professional racers so you need to try your best to surpass them. The road you need to conquer is a dirt road with many obstacles. They will cause you to fall immediately upon entering. So you need to be careful and avoid these rough dirt roads so as not to interrupt the track. Other riders will quickly overtake you if you fall. So you must not make any mistakes if you want to be a winner.

How to play

You use the up arrow key to let your racer move forward. Arrows to the left and right help the player avoid obstacles. Arrow down to slow down.

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