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Drift Cars

Drift Cars - Best For Drift

Drift Cars is a fantastic racing game where you must drive the car to the destination. You need to control the car and not get out of the road.

As soon as you click on this game, you will see the appearance of a gray car with a classic design. Although this car was produced a long time ago, the engines still work very well. You can race in this car. However, it won't be as good as modern cars. That's why this default car is located in an auto repair shop. This is a large and airy workshop. Items and furniture are neatly arranged. In the workshop, there is only your car. The car was in the repair area. Now it just waits for you to start the repair or replacement to start the race.

Press the Select Vehicle button at the bottom of the screen to start the car selection process. Instead of using the default car, you can pay for the best cars at different prices. For example, you need to pay 3000 coins for Car 2, 5000 coins for Car 3, and 7000 coins for Car 4. Subsequent cars cost more. The most expensive car in Drifts Car is the Police Car for 23000 coins. It is not natural that these cars are divided into different selling prices. The more expensive cars are, the more modern they are. Modern vehicles always have a more luxurious look and better performance. Each car is uniquely designed. You can compare these cars with cars in the Drift Boss game or the Furious Drift game. The difference between the cars is completely different. Therefore, expensive cars are totally worth the cost. Use suitable vehicles to have the best racing performance.

5 Different Tracks To Race

After that, you can continue to select a track before starting a drifting round. There are 5 different tracks. You can play any track you want.

In Track 1, you will race on tracks in a small forest. The races here are mostly straight. Although there are some bends on the map, it is still straightforward.
Track 2's environment has turned to night with more winding roads. More bends were added to the map.

In Track 3, you will race on the roads in a desert with hanging cliffs. A broad round curve is characteristic of this track.

In track 4, snowy mountains appear on the map. The track becomes much more complex than the previous tracks.

In Track 5, there is a combination of previous tracks. This is the most difficult map for players. Besides, the weather can change.

How To Play The Drift Cars Game

As in the other racing games, your task is to control the sports car to reach the finish line. Use arrow keys to move and turn left, and right, On the road, there are no obstacles, but you have to drive on the road which has many bends. Making some awesome drifts to earn drift coins. Try your best to go to the destination as soon as possible. Look at the mini-map to see your location. Moreover, you can use coins to customize your car wheels and smoke in many colors or buy a new car with stronger features.

The game will suitable for people who are big fans of racing games. The 3D graphics will bring a thrilling experience and clear your mind. Come to the game and explore all the tracks at the best time.

How to control

  • Arrow keys to move, turn left, right and brake.
  • Space bar to boost speed.

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