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Drift Parking


Drift Parking - Show Your Crazy Parking Skills

Drift Parking is an extremely interesting car control game. At a parking lot, you need to park your car in the right place to complete the mission.

Drift Parking is a video game. You'll get in your car and drive away. It had been a relaxing weekend at the park. But what if it's extremely crowded and you need to find a suitable parking space? These parking races will not let you down. You can show off your driving and parking skills. This is not an easy job. Parking is more complicated than your thought. In particular, this driving game requires you to drift. Like Drift Boss Math Playground, you have to manage your time suitably to enable drift exactly.

Complete all 50 missions in the Drift Parking game

It's time to leave the parking lot, but why are there so many cars in the way? You must relocate them... But wait a minute! Because there are so many obstacles in these small parking lots, it must be done in the correct order! Can you solve this challenging parking puzzle and get all of the cars on the road?

Drive your car and find a suitable parking space. Press the gas, hit the steering wheel, and enter the selected parking spot. These maneuvers will require dexterity. Control your car to complete each level. After each successful parking, you will advance to a new level. There are 50 different levels for you to challenge. The next level will be more difficult than the previous level. Good luck!


  • Simple user interface and gameplay.
  • Simply draw the road and the parking will be done for you. Set a high score to unlock more levels.
  • All levels are available for free play.
  • Play even if you're not connected
  • All ages are welcome.
  • The gameplay is simple but challenging.
  • Work your way through the list of songs.
  • Unlock a plethora of bizarre vehicles.

How to control: Use WASD or arrow keys to move.

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