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Drift Scooter


Drift Scooter - Driving Scooter At Fast-Paced Speed ​​to Overcome Challenges

This game will take you to thrilling driving on tricky roads. You seem to be going up a slope. You can only see a short distance ahead. That distance is quite short to be able to track oncoming vehicles. However, these are the challenges that you need to overcome. Obstacles will keep coming toward you. The barriers or traffic posts appear continuously and in many different locations. You need quick reflexes to be able to avoid them.

Besides, the speed of this game is also an issue. Not only do the obstacles appear fast, but the speed trigger of the scooter is also very fast. You need to get used to the speed of this game before starting the official races.


  • Super fun scooter racing game.
  • Addictive entertainment game.
  • This is a simple racing game that is easy to play.
  • Moderately fast speed, easy to control.
  • Cute cartoon characters and backgrounds.
  • Hilarious funny sounds.
  • Suitable for playing to burn time.
  • Suitable for all ages.

How to play the Drift Scooter game

Drift Scooter is a game where you ride a cool scooter in the middle of the road. There will be no automobiles on it, but it will be riddled with other roadblocks. To score points, avoid obstacles around and gather coins. Be on the watch for obstacles that appear directly from beyond the horizon. Attempt to travel as far as possible in order to gain more points. In this perspective 3D scooter driving game, collect all the coins to score points and avoid all the impending obstacles! You have 5 chances to crash into obstacles. After 5 collision times, the game will end.

Note that your vehicle will run automatically like in the Drift 3 game. You only have to change the direction of your scooter. It is easy to control in a driving game.

How to control: Use the mouse to control the character.

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