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Drive Mafia Car 3D Simulator


About Drive Mafia Car 3D Simulator

Do not hesitate to play the Drive Mafia Car 3D Simulator game, in which you can experience the most realistic and intensive driving simulator ever.

Drive Mafia Car 3D Simulator game promises to bring you a more interesting experience than ever. It's even more interesting than Drift F1. In this game, you will control a car and race with other players to earn lots of money. This game requires high skill from the player because you have to race in the city. You need to be fast to surpass other opponents, at the same time you also need to avoid obstacles.

Features of Drive Mafia Car 3D Simulator

  • An interesting racing game
  • Racing between mafia gangs
  • Context of the city

About Graphic Design

The game not only does well at driving simulation but also does very well at simulating the context. The game's graphics are extremely beautiful, this is the thing that you hard to see in any other racing game. The game has vividly recreated a busy city with skyscrapers. That gives players the experience of racing in the city.

Play Drive Mafia Car 3D Simulator

You will experience the exciting race right on the street. The real-life locations have appeared in your race track. So, there will be more obstacles, which are buildings and trees. Besides, on the track, it is not only you and your opponents, there are also the traffic vehicles of the people. You need to pay attention to them to avoid accidents.

Play games and participate in dramatic chases between mafia gangs on the street

How to control

  • Use W or the up arrow to accelerate
  • Use A or the left arrow to steer left
  • Use D or the right arrow to steer right
  • Use the space bar to respawn position

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