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Fast Furious Skyline

Fast Furious Skyline - An Entertaining Car Game

Fast Furious Skyline is an extremely fun game. Here plays a contest to find pictures. Each person will control a car and move to the location with the correct image.

This game will take you into a competitive world. However, the competition in this game will not be as harsh as in the Furious Drift game. The cars have the same chances of survival. Win or lose will depend on the memory of each player. This car game not only gives you moments of entertainment but also helps you improve your memory. Memory in this game is very important. The better your memory is, the higher your chances of winning are.

How to play the Fast Furious Skyline game

Your task is to observe the images appearing in the field of play. You need to observe them quickly and remember where they are because they will only be displayed for a few seconds and then disappear. Next, you need to observe the sample image that appears on the message board. You need to control your car to the correct position where the image has been displayed on the screen. Suppose you navigate to the wrong grid position. Your car will immediately fall out of a platform. And the last person left to compete will be the winner.

The game will have many levels. The levels will end after finding the winner of the round. Can you become an admirable fighter? If you win, you will get bonus points to upgrade your ranking. The higher your ranking is, the more respect you get from other players. In addition, you will get game achievements. Achievements in this game are very diverse. You can get various hats or even fruits.

How to control: To control the direction of the vehicle you use the arrow keys.

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