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Four In A Row


Four In A Row - Intriguing Puzzle Game for Masters

Four In A Row is an interesting game in the puzzle game genre. Do you like a game similar to checkers? If you like such genres, then play this game now.

Puzzle games are a good form of entertainment for your brain. Do you like games similar to checkers? The game Four In A Row has similar gameplay but is a bit new and creative in the way it plays. You must not place your ball in any position on the chessboard. You can only select the column you want to drop the flag. When you place your 4 squares in a certain direction before your opponent can, you win. This game will give you entertainment from brain games. It's not like the excitement of playing the Drift Boss game. It's not like the relaxation of playing the iScribble.IO game either. This game is simply fun with puzzles.

This game is very simple to play but to win the challenge you need to really focus on thinking for each move. By default play, any horizontal, vertical, or diagonal sequence of four squares is formed you win. Therefore, every move revolves around the goal of finding a sequence of four squares of the same color. You should set up as many balls as possible in the center early in the game and build your lines around that the higher your chances of winning.

You can play together with your friends or play on the computer if no friends are ready for a brain game. No matter who your opponent is, they will always find a way to win. So you need to observe to detect his moves and prevent them in time otherwise you will lose soon. Also when playing, you must think strategically with every move to be able to outwit and beat your opponent.

The exciting setting of the Four In A Row game

There are 3 game modes in this game: Online Player, Two Player, and Play vs Computer. Online Player mode allows you to randomly connect with a person around the world. Two players can play on different devices and there is no distance barrier. In Two Player mode, you will play against another player. However, two players will play together on one device. This will help you to interact directly with your opponent. The third mode is Play vs Computer. You will participate in a match against the CPU. Don't underestimate artificial intelligence! He is very intelligent. You can play with the computer and learn its cool moves. The downside of this mode is that the machine has the same general principles and has the same moves when starting a round. Select your favorite mode and fight! Of course, you can try all 3 modes in this arcade game.

Before starting a round, you can choose your favorite color. Besides, you can choose the size of the playing field and the number of balls you need in a row to win.

How to control

Place your ball by clicking on the column.

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