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Furious Ride


Furious Ride - Fast And Furious Races

Join the thrilling chase in the Furious Ride game now! You will play as a criminal who is being chased by the police. You are about to be caught, get out of here quickly!


  • Beautiful 3D graphics.
  • You have 2 tools Guns and skins to unlock.
  • Many levels with increasing difficulty are waiting for you to conquer.
  • Great first-person shooter game.

How to play this game

This game combines the fun of stickman characters with the incredible feeling of diving into a 3D world. You're driving behind a truck with a gun in your hand. As a result, it won't be difficult for an outlaw like you to fight an enemy pursuing you in their vehicle. Simply point the gun at them to protect yourself from being shot. You will earn coins if you successfully eliminate all of your enemies on a level. Spend your money on new skins and, more importantly, better guns! See if you can keep the enemy at bay until you reach the end of the path!

How to control: Use a mouse to your media to control.

Items For You In the Furious Ride game

Control your car and fight. Crazy battles are like how you play the Furious Drift game. Uncompromising battles will take place until a winner is found. Can you win every round of this game? Don't let yourself become a loser. Win the championship in this entertaining game! In addition, in each round, you can get different amounts of diamonds. Use these diamonds to unlock your character's weapons, hats, and skins.

The hats cost 10 diamonds.

The skins cost 15 diamonds.

The price of the weapon depends on the combat power. The more expensive the shotgun, the higher its combat ability. You should save as many diamonds as possible to buy luxurious guns and fight hard in each round. Good luck!

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