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Furious Road


Furious Road - Roads For Masterful Drivers

Furious Road is an action game where you have to drive the car and shoot all the enemies in your way. Collect the useful box to improve your car.

In Furious Road, you have to drive the car and shoot the enemies at the same time. How many kilometers can you travel? Use A, and D keys to move the car left or right and press the spacebar to fire. You also have one powerful weapon which is a rocket. You can press the E key to launch the rocket, but take care of the number of rockets you have. On your way, you can collect the supported items which may be rockets or energy. Try your best to avoid the ammo of enemies and the obstacles on the road. Look at the warning behind you because sometimes dangerous enemies will appear behind you.

Noticeable Information about the Furious Road game

Although the graphics are not too impressive, you can be addicted to the game. The race is endless until your car is destroyed. This game will give you interesting experiences like playing the game Furious Drift. You can go on adventures in your car. Your car is like a warrior to overcome all difficulties and challenges along the way. This game will give you moments of great entertainment thanks to its simple gameplay and easy controls. You will be immersed in a world of only cars and complicated roads. Besides, you will also practice your driving ability. Obstacles constantly appear that require you to react quickly and avoid collisions. You should practice your driving skills as much as possible to get the highest score possible.

Features of Furious Road

  • Easy gameplay and control
  • Fun and exciting game
  • Endless games

How to control

  • Spacebar to fire
  • E to launch rocket
  • A and D to move left and right

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