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Geometry Jump


About Geometry Jump

Do not hesitate to join the game Geometry Jump - an amazing game. In this game, you will control your square block to safely jump over obstacles.

You are too familiar with the game of racing with the ball in Slope Ball. Play Geometry Jump to get a new experience. In this game, you will control a square block to jump over obstacles. Obstacles can be triangular blocks, spikes, and puddles of liquid. Play carefully and complete the mission.

Features of Geometry Jump

  • Control your character
  • Jump over obstacles
  • Choose your own character

Choose your favorite character

You can choose the shape for your character. The game has created numerous characters for you to choose from. You can choose from interesting square blocks or colorful jagged shapes. If you like the diversity of the vast ocean, the game has created fish simulation characters. In addition to the underwater characters, the game also creates terrestrial creatures such as the gibbon and the elephant. If you are a huge fan of science, the game also creates characters like UFOs and robots.

How to play

You will control your character to jump to avoid obstacles. Obstacles appear constantly, so be very careful. Liquid puddles will help you jump higher and avoid obstacles more easily. But in some cases, it causes you to fail faster. You must avoid puddles of liquids if you see obstacles in the air.

The game has created 15 game levels for you to play. From level 1 to level 5, the games such as Preamble and Gravitational are pretty easy games. Games from level 5 to level 10 are games of medium difficulty such as Step Jump, Teleporter, or Xpart. Level 10 to level 15 games like Planet Hunt are the most difficult levels.

How to control: Use the mouse or the up arrow to jump.

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