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Hexa Parking


About Hexa Parking

Hexa Parking is a car game that combines puzzles. Your task is to park the car according to its color. You need to use your wits in this game.

Hexa Parking is a pretty entertaining game, and you can have a great time playing it here, especially if you enjoy driving around in cars. Try to position these rainbow cars correctly while you carefully consider your actions and have fun! Your task here in the brand-new Hexa parking lot will be especially important.

As you can see, your mission is to park the automobile. In fact, you need to discover parking spaces for every car as well as spaces for each one individually. You need to shift the cars so that each car will be in a specific spot, and that is the only way you can finish it since each car has a specific color and there is a parking space for each color.

How to play

You use your mouse to click and the car you want to move then click on the cell you want it to move to.

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