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High Hills


High Hills - Thrilling Adventures With Your Car

High Hills is a fantastic stunt game in which you must attempt to execute incredible acrobatics on a variety of hills and mountains. You must maintain control of the vehicle's position and avoid it toppling over and colliding with rocks.

How far can you push yourself? Get in your automobile and try to master a track that is riddled with steep slopes, tricky obstacles, and deadly spikes. The controls are straightforward: tap to steer and hold to reverse. To upgrade your car in the store and drive even further, flip for bonuses and gather more coins. Remember to pick up jerry cans along the road to avoid running out of gas, which will end the game. Can you overcome all of the challenges and earn a high score? To navigate, use your arrow buttons or if you have a touchscreen, your fingers.

Some Notes about the High Hills game


  • HTML5 racing game.
  • Hilly background.
  • Exciting sounds and Simple controls.
  • Can upgrade your car.
  • Suitable for all ages.

Besides, you need to pay attention to the terrain of this game. This game is similar to the Hill Climb Racing 2 game where you drive your car through the hills. The hills in the two driving games are extremely steep. Their slope is greater than that of the tunnels in the Runner game. Your car will easily tip over and explode. Try to balance your car. If you want to continue the race, keep it safe.


You will earn coins by performing stunts. Coins can be used to modify your vehicle. Upgrades help you obtain higher scores by improving the performance of your car.

Release date: February 2019

Developers: IriySoft.

How to control: Press the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON or SPACEBAR to tilt.

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