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Highway Racer


Highway Racer is a racing game that features challenging highway tracks. In this game, players must drive a car, race against other players, and showcase their driving skills.

How to play Highway Racer game

The game offers 8 different vehicles including Sport, Tuned, Muscle, Coupe, Van, Pickup, Jeep, and Super Sport. Each one has a different power of speed, handling, and brake. Only the Sport vehicle is unlocked at the beginning. Other cars cost money to buy.

Next, select among 5 game modes:

  • One way
  • Two way
  • Time attack
  • Speed bomb
  • Multiplayer

After choosing your favorite game mode, you can pick the track. Choose among Sunny, Night, and Rainy. Each track features different environmental conditions.

Depending on the game mode you choose, the game goal may vary. However, in most modes, you must drive a car and try to get to the finish line as fast as possible.

You can earn cash after you complete the race. Use them to tune up your vehicle and buy different upgrades so that you can perform better in the next race. You can also buy new cars in the Shop.


AD or left/right arrow to steer.

W or up arrow to boost.

Spacebar for handbrake.

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