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Human Wheel


Human Wheel - Roll On Your Way

Human Wheel is an extremely fun team game. You will experience a race track as you recruit more teammates and form a giant wheel to move faster.

The Human Wheel game is a new and unique team-run game. Let's combine teammates when running on the track. The more friends you add, the faster you will be able to go because the wheel will be bigger. Surely this is a great experience for you. But the track has a lot of obstacles and you need to avoid them if you don't want the number of teammates to be reduced. Have you ever imagined a large wheel circle made by many people? It's like a circus performer. This crazy thing can't happen but in this game, it's your duty.

How to play the game Human Wheel

The gameplay of this arcade game is extremely simple. You just need to control the running direction of the wheels so that they can avoid obstacles. Start the Human Wheel race and conquer all the challenges that are set. Teammates appear all over your track. Please enroll them. The more teammates the better. When you have more teammates your strength will be increased. A wheel is created by putting everyone together. The wheel will grow with the number of people on your team. Besides that, you can also try the Slope Run game to participate in the adventures of a ball. This running game will not let you down.

Tips to play the Human Wheel game

In the game Human Wheel, the character's speed is very fast, so you will need time to get used to it and control it.

Try to gather as many friends as possible. They will help you increase your strength and speed. The speed will be much faster when the wheel rotation is increased.

Train your observation skills and control quickly to be able to overcome obstacles.

How to control

Use the arrow to redirect the circle.

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