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Idle Cars


About Idle Cars

Welcome to the game Idle Cars - a great game. In this game, you can build your own car empire by upgrading cars. Play and have a relaxing time.

It is not the spectacular drift like in Drift Boss Unblocked. In the Idle Cars game, you just need to make mouse clicks to start building your own empire. You buy the cars and upgrade them. These cars will make money for you. Upgrade the car really cool to earn a lot of money.

Features of Idle Cars

  • Easy control game
  • Upgrade car and speed

Build your own car empire

The game has a total of 23 cars. You start your career with a car that costs 1 coin. This car has been made available to you. Each lap, the car brings you 1 coin. When completing 50 laps you will buy a car that costs 50 coins. Each lap of this car brings you 5 coins. Thus, you will finish building your empire when you buy the most expensive car for 140 coins.

Make more money in 2 ways

You have 2 ways to make your car make money fast. These are car upgrades and speed upgrades.

When at level 1 the cars earn quite a little, upgrade it to earn more money. Depending on the type of vehicle and the amount of money that car earns, the amount used to upgrade varies. After each level, the amount of money that car earns after each lap will increase to 100% until level 25.

You can click the wheel in the center of the screen. With each click, the car's speed will increase by 0.01. However, you have to press continuously because the speed will return to 1 when you stop clicking.

How to control: Use the mouse to control.

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