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Impossible Car Stunt

About the Impossible Car Stunt game

Impossible Car Stunt is a thrilling driving game to experience tricky tracks with a supercar. You can buy and upgrade your car as well as unlock new maps.

Daily Rewards

Coming to this game, you will get daily prizes for your attachment to this driving game. Please join this game each day to receive precious rewards. Great rewards are waiting for you to discover. Are you curious about these awards? After this, you can see a list of bonuses you can get for the first 8 days.

  • Day 1: 300 diamonds
  • Day 2: 600 diamonds
  • Day 3: 900 diamonds
  • Day 4: 1,200 diamonds
  • Day 5: 1,500 diamonds
  • Day 6: 2,000 diamonds
  • Day 7: 3,000 diamonds
  • Day 8: Remove ads

The rewards will increase day by day. In particular, you can remove ads so as not to interrupt your game. Remember to claim your prize every day.

Car Garage of the Impossible Car Stunt game

There are 5 cars for you to experience like the Drift Boss Unblocked game. You will get a free red car. This is the default car for you. Other cars need you to unlock to use. You need to purchase them with the collected diamonds. Each car has a different price.

List of cars

  • Super Car
  • Extreme Car
  • Monster Car
  • Drift Car
  • Faster Car

Each car has different stats, including speed, brake, steering, and nitro. The higher these stats are, the more fun you can play the game. In addition, you can upgrade this stat by using diamonds.

Single mode for players of this driving game

Let's start this game in single mode. You will control your car on dangerous tracks. Avoid coliding with obstacles and falling into space. If you fall into space, you will have to restart that level. There are 6 levels for you to challenge your driving skills. Each level is a different race track.

List of levels

  • Level 1: Try to Survive
  • Level 2: Drive to Style
  • Level 3: Monster Track
  • Level 4: High Roof Track
  • Level 5: Danger to Drive
  • Level 6: Dead Track

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