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iScribble.IO for Entertainment and Relaxation

Come to iScribble.IO to enjoy entertaining moments by drawing lines freely as well as fighting other players to get the victory. Try to survive as long as possible!

Have you ever heard about iScibble.IO? This game is a new arcade game based on the running theme for multiplayer. Coming to this game, you have an opportunity to participate in battles among squares having the ability to draw lines. The mechanics of this game are very simple. With the goal of being suitable for many different audiences, this game has been designed with the most straightforward mechanics. You can see the game's simplicity from the gameplay, controls, and graphics.

In addition, the main goal of iScribble.IO is entertainment. Life is so stressful right now. You may be stressed with study, work, and family. You have to endure these things and find a solution for yourself. However, you can soothe them by participating in this entertaining game to reduce pressure. This game does not offer thrilling races like in Drift Boss. It is also not idle like the Healing Rush game. This game will combine action and arcade themes. You can entertain while fighting at the time. You can draw squiggly lines for fun. This is like when you are in school. When you have difficulty or pressure, you will subconsciously draw scribbles on the page. You will now do this on the play screen. These scribbles of yours can also destroy other players.

Use your scribbles to fight

Before starting the official game, you can write your name and choose your favorite character. Your name is your choice. If you want to change the name, it is completely possible. Just click on your current name and write your new name in. Above your name, you can see a tracking board. These are your achievements in the previous round. There is the score, best score, time played and player kills. The more achievements you achieve, the higher these stats. Below the name, there is a color palette. Available in different colors like orange, red, yellow, purple, pink, green, and blue. You can choose any color for free. This is the color of your character. Press the Play button to start the game.

After starting the game, your task is to control a square. This square has the ability to draw lines. You can draw freely. However, you need to be careful with the closure. This line should be drawn to form closed circles. If another player crashes into you, they will be destroyed. If your circle is not closed, the destroyed person will be you.

This game is an endless game. If you don't have a collision with other players, you can play this game forever. Try to live as long as possible and get high scores.

Features of iScribble.IO

  • A great running arcade game for multiplayer
  • Endless races to fight
  • Choose your favorite color
  • Easy controls and simple mechanics
  • Eye-catching graphics and impressive sound

How to control: Slide your mouse to move.

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