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Jumping Clones

About Jumping Clones

Jumping Clones is a popular multiplayer puzzle game where you control two characters at the same time to overcome obstacles and reach the portal.

Multiple red or white iterations of the character can be seen going in different directions throughout the game. To aid each other in navigating hurdles and pitfalls, you must use clones. The game offers attractive sounds and simple but attractive graphics. Can you play the video game Jumping Clones and see how many levels you can complete?

Some suggestions

In this game, you have to understand how to control your character. To move, use the arrow keys or WASD.

Be careful to stay away from spikes and traps. Sometimes you may need to stack copies on top of each other. You can exit with a copy.

Pay close attention to your surroundings and use things like water, wind, rocks, trees, etc. to help you jump higher or navigate your journey.

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