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Kitten Hide And Seek 2

About Kitten Hide And Seek 2

Kitten Hide And Seek 2 is a free online arcade object game. In this game, you must avoid a kitten and reach the destination to complete a level. This game has many different levels for you. Can you conquer all levels in this game?

Besides that, this entertaining game is suitable for kids and adults because of its simple gameplay and easy controls. You can play this game for the first time. Run Rich 3D, Drift Boss, and Anime Girl Dress Up are games with the same feature.

In order to control this game, you only need to press and hold the left mouse click to hide and release it to continue to move. Control your character carefully and complete challenges.

How do I play Kitten Hide And Seek 2

In this entertaining and unique hide-and-seek puzzle game, you will transform into a young girl. Let's escape being seen by the cat's eyes by hiding behind objects that would obscure you. You will lose if you are discovered.

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