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Layers Roll


About Layers Roll

Layers Roll is an extremely fun arcade racing game most loved. Your task is to control the roller coaster on the track and keep your balance.

You are encouraged to experiment with different colors in the fascinating game Layers Roll. A completely new race is waiting for you to experience it. Surely you will be surprised by this unique game. Forget the usual race tracks with cars, what you experience here is the race of the color ribbon. Right! This is a very crazy idea that will surely make you excited immediately upon starting the game. Start experimenting to see how well you can handle the color-rolling challenge.

Your goal will be to roll a strip of one color into a ball of your choice. Rolling as many strips as possible is the main goal. The more gold coins you collect, the longer you can hold your position. To avoid having to start over after choosing a particular color, be careful not to touch any other shades. Keep growing, getting more coins along the way, and completing levels to multiply your score by the largest number imaginable. Go ahead and have fun! With the money earned, you will have the opportunity to unlock completely new characters that are significantly more attractive.

How to play

Use the arrow keys to control your coil.

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