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Mini Survival Challenge


Mini Survival Challenge is the most loved survival game. You join an adventurous challenge that is to survive on a deserted island full of man-eating animals.

Do you want to experience the thrill of taking on an adventurous challenge? A deserted island tour is waiting for you. But this island is extremely dangerous because it has ferocious animals. When you are brought to this island, your mission is to survive. You must control your character to be able to help him avoid the attacks of beasts. Can you complete this difficult and risky mission? There are many attractive levels waiting for you to explore. Start right now!

Mini Survival Challenge is a fun online kids game you should try now. The situation is that you are stranded on a deserted island and you need to survive by your own efforts. You're not alone. Around you, there are many other players and they are also looking for ways to survive against wild animals. The wild animals on this island are ferocious and they often move in search of prey. You might come across a huge herd of lions or even a tyrannosaur. You should not lose focus because they can approach you and eat you immediately. Because they are very hungry and are being provoked by many people appearing on their island.

In addition to running away from wild animals, don't forget to collect coins to equip yourself with more tools. They will help you a lot in running away from wild animals. Simultaneously Collect and use various props to help you progress through the levels, in case fantastic beasts rush towards you! Focus on observing your surroundings and try to stay alive thanks to your flexible activities!

Tips to play this game

  • You need to do everything to survive. Therefore, you need to focus on observing the movements of predators. When you see them coming toward you, you need to immediately move away from that position.
  • The red arrows indicate the direction of the predator's attack. When it happens, you should be able to react in time to avoid being attacked.

How to play

Left click and redirect the way you want to move your character

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