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You can create a village under your control in You'll be a farmer who needs to establish his own settlement and gather resources nearby. Each player's map is different in it. The division of the players will take into account their turns.

At the start of the game, you will receive a map, and you can then begin to create resources. You only have a little instrument to manufacture ice, harvest vegetables, and cut wood. With every level you reach, you receive new benefits or weaponry. You can use the weapons you collect to fight other players and select resources.

How to control

  • Movement: "WASD"
  • Look: "Mouse"
  • Select Item: "1-9" or "Click"
  • Gather/Attack: "Left Mouse" or "Space"
  • Auto Attack: "E"

This game belongs to the multiplayer category. There are many similar games such as and If you find a new game, you can try Drift Boss.

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