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Moto Maniac 3

About Moto Maniac 3


Moto Maniac 3 is a hard incline bike game that will put your skills to the test. Because the trial takes place in the woods, prepare to climb over trees and rocks. Your main goal is to get over all of the obstacles as quickly as possible. However, there is a secondary (but equally essential) goal: a wild bear has become enraged by the loud engine noise and is pursuing you, so act quickly to avoid being caught by the beast!

There are 20 stages in the game, and your goal is to get through them as quickly as possible. The landscape and level arrangement is also exceedingly challenging. While several interesting feats can be performed, they do not provide any bonuses. The amount of time it takes you to accomplish a level is measured in "stars." If you finish the level quickly enough, you will receive three stars. Will you be able to collect all of the stars in all of the levels.

Tips: You can slow down the bear by avoiding specific traps and allowing the bear to be hit, giving you additional time. If you fall or hit your head, you will have to restart the level.

Beside Moto Maniac 3, you can try to play Drift Boss - a simple drifting 3D game.


How to play

  • To accelerate, use the W or up arrow. 
  • To reverse, use the S or down arrow.
  • ADVERTISEMENT or arrows to the left and right to tilt
  • To restart a level, press the space bar.

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