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Mr. Bean Solitaire Adventures


About Mr. Bean Solitaire Adventures

Starts a new adventure with Mr. Bean in the Mr. Bean Solitaire Adventures game. You will play cards to earn money to help Mr. Bean conquer Solitaire.

It is no more thrilling chases like in Crazy Drift. Mr. Bean Solitaire Adventures is Mr. Bean's journey to conquer Solitaire. Mr. Bean realized his love of cards, so he decided to join The Card Club. In this club, he was satisfied to develop his passion. Your task is to accompany him in the games. Try to earn as much money as possible.

Furthermore, in this game, you can meet the familiar images that appear in your childhood memory. It may be the apartment of Mr. Bean or Teddy's coffee shop.

Features of Mr. Bean Solitaire Adventures

  • Play cards
  • Simple gameplay

Play Mr. Bean Solitaire Adventures and pass 50 levels

This is a long adventure with 50 game levels. You need to win the games and earn as much money as you can. The money you earn from the game can help you unlock new levels. For every new game level, you have to spend 1000 dollars to unlock.

The game has fairly simple gameplay. There will be a table of cards, some of which have been shuffled. You will not know which card it is until it is turned over. Your job is to collect these cards neatly. You must collect them in contiguous order. For example, you have a card of 5, so you can collect a card of 6 or a card of 4. Besides, there are some cards that are already collected. You can use it when there is no adjacent card on the table. Thus, you will collect cards until the table is clear. The fewer cards you use, the more you earn.

How to control: Use the mouse to collect cards.

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