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Music Line 3


About Music Line 3

The fun rhythm game Music Line 3 involves sliding and tapping as you control a square block. The block controls in the game are simple to learn but hard to master. This square block needs to be moved in a timely manner to avoid obstacles. There are six theme tracks in all, and two difficulty settings (day and night) are included in this game! There are many kinds of colors for your block. Such as arrows, snowballs, fireballs, snakes, and snake skins. The quality of the collected objects increases as the collection is played more often and has a better overall pass rate. In addition, the position level in the game has climbed to its maximum glory.

Highlights of Music Line 3

  • There are many songs in the game, all with tunes that are addictive. The music in the game has many styles.
  • The graphics of this game are a beautiful combination of colors and shapes.
  • The game has rickety lines and demanding obstacles at various levels of difficulty.
  • You can adjust the volume and tempo of the game to suit your playing preferences.
  • Keep track of records and leaderboards. And don't forget to register after each play to see your progress.

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