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Naruto Bomb

About Bomber Naruto

Bomber Naruto game is the perfect combination of the Bomber game and the Naruto character. Prepare yourself to join this exciting bomb battle. Start right now!

If you are a fan of the legendary Bomb game then you will definitely love the Naruto Bomb version. Because the great combination of Bom and Naruto is a unique creation that attracts great attention from players. It's similar to Super Monster Run when combining a food game with a new favorite character. Are you ready to join the Naruto Bomb war? If you have good character control and reflexes, quizzes are your big advantage in the Naruto Bomb game. However, if you are a beginner player, you can take the time to practice until you master these skills. Naruto Bomb game has 2 game modes. You can play as a team player and join a bombing war with a machine-controlled character. Or you can play in two-player mode and compete directly with your friends. This will make your game much more interesting.

Your goal in the game Naruto Bomb is to go around the maze and drop bombs, with the aim of putting your enemies in the middle of the bullets, because if they explode, you win. They will try to do the same to you, so be careful with that. You move with the WASD keys, and with the spacebar, you drop bombs. Good luck to all players, and we hope you're having a great time, just like we had!

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