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Offroad Racing


Offroad Racing - Driving Game

Fans of the racing game genre will enjoy Offroad Racing, the ultimate off-road driving game. Drive incredible automobiles, win difficult races, and become a champion! You'll be racing a gigantic against a large number of other players in this game. This feature also appears in the Stickman Race 3D game where you need to compete with other players to gain victory. In addition, you'll be able to race through some of the most breathtaking scenery, including icy mountains and arid deserts. Get behind the wheel and put your driving talents to the test.

Switch to manual mode to manually shift gears with the virtual gear lever if you want to feel like a pro. To become the ultimate driving champion, go to the track and defeat all of your opponents. You'll be able to drive four incredible cars on four distinct tracks in four different places.

Feature Factors of this Racing game

  • 5 single-player modes: in Season mode, dedicated your life to offroad racing.
  • Play Championship mode to fulfill your destiny.
  • Do you say you don't have time? You should play the Clockwork and Single Race modes.
  • Are you unafraid of the sun? Try it with Hot Lap!
  • Multiplayer modes include Last Man Riding, King of the Road, Hunter, and Golden Helmet!
  • Release date: November 14, 2019
  • Developers: Artefacts Studio

How to control

  • To drive, use the arrow keys.
  • C switched the camera to another vehicle.
  • V to alter the current car's view AZ shifter

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