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Pet Land

About Pet Land

Pet Land is a game where you can collect and fight in pet battles.

Pet Land is a game developed by the company Natsume, which is famous for creating various online games. You can see some other popular games such as Drift Boss, Army Commander, and Aquarium Land. The game features an original storyline that has you fight and increase the number of your pets. You start off with a small pet and must work to increase it into a huge business empire.

More Information About Pet Land

Pet Land is a wonderful hypercasual typhoon game. When you first land on a new island, you try to gather resources and create the first pet. Later, you can unlock additional resources and pets, for example by using dragon fruit to unlock a certain region. After that, you transport the required materials to the chosen pet and upgrade for island expansion. There are still more surprises for you to find!

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