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Pokey Stick


About Pokey Stick

Play and have a relaxing time with Pokey Stick. You just need to stretch the stick and help Pokey become the fastest to reach the finish line.

This is not a race between stickmen like in Stickman Race 3D. In the Pokey Stick game, you will control a stick that helps Pokey jump forward. You must stretch the stick reasonably to be able to overcome the obstacles. Moreover, you need to help him cross the finish line earlier than the other opponent.

Who jumps over the finish line first will be the winner

Features of Pokey Stick

  • Control the stick
  • Jump over the obstacles
  • Competitive with another opponent

How to play

This is a race between 2 characters, so you can invite your friends to play. 2 players control their characters to jump over obstacles. Who crosses the finish line first will be the winner.

You must use the mouse to drag the stick backward to create thrust. You need to align the curvature of the stick properly to make a perfect jump. Do not let Pokey get stuck down the slope. It will be very difficult to get rid of it because the slopes will block your view. This makes it difficult to align the jump force correctly. In addition, the square blocks are also very tall, you need to make a high and fast jump. Do not let yourself get stuck there. That's your chance for your opponent to win you over.

Also, this game has a leaderboard to rank players. Each time you win, you will receive a number of coins. The higher the difficulty level you play, the more coins you get. This coin will be accumulated through the gameplay. Let's play the game to be on the leaderboard.

How to control: Use the mouse to drag the stick.

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