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Police Real Chase Car Simulator


About Police Real Chase Car Simulator

In the game Police Real Chase Car Simulator for sale, you get to drive realistic police cars in a huge metropolis with incredible racing tracks.

A new online game: Police Real Chase Car Simulator! In this realistic racing simulation police car game, catch the street racers! While exploring a large, vibrant, and free American metropolis, you can also make sure your country is safe. Trace stolen cars, record accidents, and arrest offenders. Help other police officers at traffic checkpoints by marking and logging speed. Stop, search, and enforce the law by stopping any person or vehicle of your choice. Pay attention to fugitives and pursue them on foot or in a vehicle using your siren and strobe lights. Examine crime scenes, interrogate witnesses and search for evidence.

There are many vehicles that can be unlocked, each with a unique handling style and a wide range of features that can be patrolled. Your play area is a big, lovely open world with no screens or loads limits. To play this game as planned, you must be able to drive in regular traffic. In the end, you will be able to complete more and more quests that are waiting for you in various areas. When you have enough money, you can buy a brand-new car. In one of the best free games accessible right now, show off your driving and acrobatic skills.

How to play

W key - Accelerate. S key - Backward. Key A - Move left. D key - Move right. C key - Change camera. R key - Reset vehicle. Space - Jump. Key combination L + Shift - Sprint / Nitro. M-Map key. F -Car Key Enter / Exit . Key I -Guide. P/Esc-Pause key. H key -Police Siren. Q -Roll key. E-Inventory key. Z key -Clone.

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