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Push Them!


Have a fun gunfight in Push Them! You need to move on the terrain in the middle of the sea and destroy the red arrows. Be careful or you will fall into the sea.

Push Them! is a fun shooting game combined with running on the terrain in the middle of the sea. An interesting challenge for you is that you need to use your gun to push all the arrows into the sea. However, this is not easy because the red arrows run everywhere and you will have a hard time aiming. Make all foes fall by moving your character and perhaps you'll learn how to employ traps in the process. Push foes aside as you travel along your path to the level's conclusion while using your stick to do so.


  • Push them! is a shooting game where the object is to force the evil red stick figures into the water. You can rush in and knock them down with pistols and boxing gloves.
  • Remember to collect the yellow mystery boxes, each containing a unique gadget, such as a jet pack or a leaf blower.
  • Your ability to quickly drive out your enemies will be greatly aided by the goods you collect!
  • Beware of Red Team because they try and beat you!

How to play

  • Use WASD keys to move
  • Left click to shoot
  • Press Q to use special items
  • Press E to use boxing gloves
  • Press Shift to rush forward
  • Use Space to jump or hold to use the jet pack
  • You can also switch to the AZERTY keyboard in the settings.

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