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Race City


Race City - Great Races Through Beautiful Cities

Race City is an online racing game in which you will be in charge of a vehicle. The primary distinction is that the car is driving on its own while you are only braking. To avoid hitting any obstacles, try to break at the proper time. You will be stopped for a few seconds and will lose some time if you make a mistake. Your goal is to win by getting ahead of the other players. You can buy new vehicles with the money you earn, and there are a total of nine throughout the game. Let's get this party started!

Features of Race City

  • Genuine rivalry
  • Supercars with simple controls
  • A big surprise awaits you in the form of a free stunning car and a test drive! Simple controls and a large array of vehicles
  • Upgrade and personalization of a vehicle
  • WiFi-based multiplayer racing
  • Race through the busiest cities on the planet, including Tokyo, Paris, Chicago, London, Macao, Cairo, Hawaii, Chengdu, and Arizona.
  • Several racing modes are available.
  • Clash Racing is a free game in City Racing 3D!

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Compare the Race City game and the Galaxy Slope game

Both of these games are popular arcade games these days. They will give players an exciting feeling when controlling the character in the game. In particular, the character speed in the game is fast. Therefore, you can enjoy extremely exciting races if you are a high-speed enthusiast. Besides, these two games both leave an impression on players thanks to beautiful and attractive 3D graphics.

However, these two games are completely different in theme. The game Galaxy Slope takes the theme of a ball. You will control the ball to move forward and get a high score. This Race City game is again inspired by car races. You will drive instead of controlling the ball.

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