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Real MTB Downhill 3D


Real MTB Downhill 3D - Bike Riding Game

Real MTB Downhill 3D is the most popular off-road cycling sport. In the forest, you will be able to enjoy a racing track. Despite the fact that it is great, the tough terrain will present several challenges.

If you get to ride a cool bike down the mountain, it's even better. Attempt to complete each stage as rapidly as possible while avoiding crashing your vehicle. As though you were riding a bicycle, try to maintain your balance. Before you begin riding, complete the training mode to ensure that you are comfortable on rough terrain. Collect pills along the route to replenish your energy and run faster and longer races. Let's get this game started! Besides that, you can also begin the Runner game to explore new adventures with the slope races.


  • Realistic physics.
  • Procedurally generated trails;
  • Day and night cycle;
  • Dynamic weather system.


Perform amazing tricks such as front flips, wheelchair riders, and wall rides. You have more time to reach the finish line if you have more tricks. Keep an eye out for road bumps and zigzags in the dirt bike game, which can kill your character.

How to control: Arrows = Ride

Maps, Garages, and Shops in the Real MTB Downhill 3D game

Coming to this game, you can make a lot of different choices.

First, you can play on many different maps. Each map is a separate terrain. However, you need to complete exploring the maps first to unlock the ones behind. There are 5 different maps in the Real MTB Downhill 3D game.

Next, you can go to the garage to buy bikes and new characters. You need to use the coins earned during the game to perform this action. You can paint the bike different colors. Your character also becomes more impressive with unique costumes.

Finally, you can buy an energy drink and time s.motion to increase riding in this game.

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