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Real Sports Flying Car 3D

About Real Sports Flying Car 3D


 Real Sports Flying Car 3D is an exciting car driving game in which you need to control your car to collect coins and complete missions with the flying ability.

 Welcome to the ultimate driving game! Coming to this game, you have the opportunity to experience thrilling races with supercars. Show your driving skills with drifts and stunts with your supercar. To control the car, you use WASD to move. Use the W key to accelerate and the S key to go backward. Use the A and D keys to move to either side. In particular, this game gives you a special ability. It is the ability to fly. Your car is equipped with extra wings. To activate the wings, press the F key and turn off the flight mode by pressing the F key again.

 Your task is to control the car to explore the city and perform the assigned tasks. This game has a peaceful and beautiful setting. You can drive on city roads, on wide lawns or beside a romantic beach. You are free to drive to your liking. In particular, you can enjoy the view from above with your flying ability. Remember to collect the coins. The coins are usually located high, so you need to use your flying ability to collect them. Besides, you can also perform quests to earn money. Use coins you earn to unlock new supercars with different stats and features. Each car will be available with 10 different wing styles for you to choose from. You unlock a new car, and then wings are available and free.

 Features of Real Sports Flying Car 3D

  • Attractive gameplay with the flying ability
  • Unlock new cả and 10 different wings
  • Cool graphics and effects

 How to control

  • W - Accelerate
  • S - Backward
  • A - Steer Left
  • D - Steer Right
  • C - Cursor Lock/Unlock
  • R - Reset Car
  • L - Shift – Nitro
  • F - Flying/Landing
  • I - Instructions
  • P/Esc - Pause

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