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Rope Man Rush 3D


Rope Man Rush 3D - Running With Rope Man

Rope Man Rush 3D is an interesting game where you turn into a rope man. You have to collect as many colored ropes as your color of the rope man.

Features of Rope Man Rush 3D

  • Avoid the obstacles
  • Fun and exciting game
  • 3D graphics that attract players

How to play this running game

Do you want to search for an interesting game to kill time, Rope Man Rush 3D should be your favorite game. In this game, you are a rope man who has to run to the finish line. It sounds easy. However, you have to collect the ropes on your way. Moreover, the ropes have to be the same as the color of the rope man character. Try to collect them to reach the destination safely. There are many other color ropes, don't collect them unless you want to destroy your character. On your way, there are some rope walls, break them to go to the destination. There are many levels for you to play. The higher level will bring you more difficult challenges. Like playing the Vex 6 game, You will also experience challenges that become increasingly complex after completing each activity.

In addition, while moving, you should pay attention to the color of the rope man. If you collect ropes of different colors, stored ropes will be. You can be until there are no ropes left. This is very dangerous. You should also pay attention to the path. On your way, there are color walls. After you go through these walls, your character will change color. Let's focus on the game to know this change.

Let's come to Rope Man Rush 3D to have fun and relax after a long day. Good luck!

How to control: Press and move the mouse to avoid obstacles.

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