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Runner Multiplayer

About Runner Multiplayer


 Runner Multiplayer- a new version created from the classic run 3. A top-rated tunnel running game! If you are a fan of the game Run 3 you should try this fascinating version.

 This is the adventure full of adventure of aliens lost in endless space. He is trying to escape the pursuit of evil people and find his way back to his planet. But tape how? All thanks to you. Please do your best to return safely. The space tunnel is an endlessly dark and terrifying place. This race is the biggest challenge if you want to return to your planet. There will be a lot of holes in the tunnel. you need to pop through it, any mistake will cost dearly. If you fall out of the tunnel you lose. good luck!

This game is fast-paced so you need to concentrate and get used to the speed by playing many times.
Note each step of running momentum, jumping, and landing accurately. The blue squares are fixed, the solid colored squares will brown if you step into it, The black spaces are the minerals in the space tunnel that you need to avoid.


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