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Santa Racer

About Santa Racer


 Santa Racer is an extremely dramatic car race that takes place on Christmas Eve. Four people with different cars want to organize a race in their neighborhood.

 The beginning is a snowy scene. You will immediately imagine a cold winter night. But the street was decorated very brightly with lights and trees over bells. Do you know what today is? OH! A question that everyone seems to have an answer to. Right! This is a wonderful little Christmas night.

 But what is going on here? you can see 4 cars getting ready at the starting line. And exactly what you expected. A fun race is about to begin. Is this a race to find the fastest car? Not so! This race to find the best rider.

  • You will participate in the race with a very difficult track. This is the road of the small area, so it has many difficult turns. You can completely drift off the track if you don't corner right. So be very careful at every turn.
  • If you hit anything here. Your vehicle will immediately disappear. But don't worry it will soon reappear at the track. But this takes a lot of your time. And of course, the opponent will leave you behind and you will not be able to win at this race.

How to play

In this game, you use the arrow keys to control your car.

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