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Skateboard Master


Skateboard Master - Races Of Skillful Skaters

Play a fun skateboarding game in Skateboard Master. This is one of the most loved 3D skateboarding games. What are you waiting for, let's experience this super fun surfing game right now? This is a fun adventure game. Play as the main character and start surfing on the skateboard. It will test the player's flexible control over the character. You need to adjust your sensitivity to challenge different-level problems constantly!

5 Unique Characters in the Skateboard Master game

There are 5 different characters in the Skateboard Master game. Each character has a different design. However, you can unlock them for the same price. You can randomly unlock it with 2000 coins.

  • The first character you can unlock is Sports Girl. This character is a girl with healthy brown skin. She has a fit and toned figure. Thanks to his supple body due to regular sports training, this character can help you overcome other players with ease.
  • The second character is Robot. This character is designed as a white robot. Although he is a robot, he can move very smoothly. This character helps you move more safely and stably in races.
  • The third character is Hip-hop Girl who has a strong personality with a vest and shorts. She wears a sports hat. The unique outfit combination of this character has made an impression on players.
  • The fourth character is Stylish Girl. This girl wears a crop top and a pair of tight shorts. While moving, this character will create excellent glides.
  • The last character is Christmas Girl. This character wears a costume with a Christmas theme. However, the outfit has been redesigned with eye-catching red color.

The gameplay of this skating game

You'll skate and cross a line shaped like a half-pipe by moving your avatar with the mouse and sliding in the direction you desire. Try to run as far as possible. Remember to avoid crashing into obstacles on your way. The game will end if the collision happens.

In addition, there will be green speed boards on the course. You should use it to skate since it will help you get faster. Avoid red boards because they will make you slow down. If you move on these boards too much, your character will stop and the race will end. Besides that, ramps can help you climb to get ahead of other players. Besides Skateboard Master, you should try to play Drift Boss - a simple drifting game.

How to control: Use the mouse to control your character.

Tips for playing the Skateboard Master game

  • Avoid not just the obstacles, but also the red spots, as they have arrows opposing the green arrows, slowing you down, which you should avoid.
  • Try to stay ahead of the other skaters as much as possible, earn many points from your races, and then spend them on new skins and boards to play with. Now is the time to enjoy this race, because only here is it feasible!

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