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Sling Drift


Sling Drift - Endless Drift Game With One-Button Control

Play Sling Drift to participate in an amazing drifting game to connect your line with a pole to turn a car. It is not easy to control and complete challenges!

If you like drifting games, you can't miss the extremely fun Sling Drift game. In this game, your task is to control your car at the bends so that it can turn at a sufficient angle. Show your drifting skills in this game. How will you handle the bends? The speed is very fast, so the time for you to turn is very urgent. If you are not a good racer, it is difficult to pass. But I believe you can do this. Keep drifting until you get your username to the top of the global leaderboard. Note that, the races in this driving game are infinite. Therefore, you need to try running as long as possible if you want to get the best score.

Tips to play the Sling Drift game

  • Simply maintain a safe distance when going around a corner and drop at the appropriate time for ease on the road. To unlock better, flashier cars or to test racing mode, collect coins.
  • Move your automobile around every corner with your sling. The hit app game is now available in an epic online edition. Using a sling, try to avoid harming your car for as long as possible - you have no control over it.
  • You need to time it correctly to start drifting. Observe previous drifts to gain experience with the following controls. This tip is quite similar to the Drift Boss Math Playground game where you also need to time the car to drift and avoid falling into space.

How to play

  • The controls in Sling Drift are quite simple: simply tap the screen to grasp a column on the inside of each curve and glide through it.
  • Your automobile will wander for as long as you keep pressing the screen. To speed through each bend, use these basic settings.
  • How to control: Press and hold the left mouse button to drift.

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