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Spill Wine


About Spill Wine

To find out how smart you are, try this easy puzzle game. To play the game, you need to throw small balls to break glasses and make a mess. It's easy to do, like the Christmas Coloring Game. Be careful not to drop the little balls because there are only so many of them. If you're bored, this isn't a bad way to pass the time!

Because there are so many levels, this game is similar to Trampoline Rush 3D. Enjoy each level and put your skills to the test. Dominating this game is difficult. The level of difficulty increases as you progress.

More Information For You

Additionally, this game is simple to control. This game can be played with a mouse. You can see this control in numerous other games. One illustration is Drift Boss.

Are you prepared to participate in the Spill Wine game? Keep in mind that you can try four times. The game will end if you can't spill wine after four attempts. The number of balls you can use is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen.

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