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Stairs - One Of The Most Intriguing Arcade Games

Join the amazing game Stairs here now! Stairs is a great arcade game. Do you like round balls? If you like them then this game is a perfect choice for you if you are not sure which online game to choose to play in your free time.

Coming to this game, you can participate in races with balls like the Two Ball 3D game. However, the gameplay of these two games is completely different. You can only see the similarity in themes with extremely interesting races. Even when you first start this running game, it is hard for you to stop this game because it is too attractive and exciting. You are lost in a new world where there are only stairs and balls. The endless stairs are like the endless roads in Drift Boss. The endless war will never end. It's just waiting to see how many roads you can conquer in this game.

How to play the Stairs game

In this game, you will control a ball that bounces over moving stairs! It sounds very simple and easy, but you will have a headache with obstacles appearing densely on the stairs. And what's more difficult is that the bars are constantly moving, making you unable to control the ball to the ground as expected. You need to move the ball to the right or left to fight the obstacles. The obstacles on your way are spikes. Your ball will break if you collide with these spikes. You have 3 times to respawn. After these 3 precious times, the game will be over. Moreover, you need to be careful with moving platforms. They move so you will be prone to collisions with obstacles or falling into the water. Falling into the water is the most dangerous thing in this game. You will stop the game immediately if your ball falls into the water.

Remember to collect diamonds along the way. Use them to unlock new skins for your ball. In addition, you can get different powers after collecting secret gift boxes.

Note that you will get more points if you collect white circles on your path. These circles help you get extra points. Try to run as long as possible to gain the best score.

How to control: Use the right and left arrows to control your bouncy ball.

Tips for playing this game to gain the high score

In this climbing race, you should collect a lot of small yellow diamonds. You collect them as much as possible because they will help you exchange them for attractive gifts.

But note that these diamonds are relatively similar in shape to obstacle spikes. So if you don't practice together, it's easy to get confused.

You only have a certain number of lanes to hit spikes so be very careful.

The way to be able to create records in this game is that you need to get used to the pace of the game and practice this mischievous ball control skill.

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