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Stick Run

Stick Run - The Space Adventure With Stick Character

Stick Run is a fun endless running platform game. Stickman is lost in a maze of intergalactic tubes. Players will take on the role of this character and attempt to escape this terrifying tunnel by running and jumping through it. Stick Run is a game where the thrills and excitement never stop. The important thing is how far can you run.

The gameplay of this running game is similar to the Slope Run game. The Stick character will run automatically. You only need to control the direction of this character by jumping and moving left or right. You have to move through the tunnels while overcoming the challenges. You will face a series of space pits. If you fall there, the game will replay. You need to jump from platform to platform. Move carefully!

2 game modes in Stick Run

This game puts your response time and running abilities to the test. Stick Run is available in two modes: Exploration Mode and Infinite Mode. In Exploration Mode, you'll find a slew of new tunnels and regions and unlock new characters! In Infinite Mode, you will be able to run indefinitely. In the tunnels, you'll find riches strewn about. Gold can be used to unlock new characters and continue your adventure. Let's keep track of your steps and ensure you don't get lost or tumble out of the tunnel. Good luck!


  • Bright and beautiful visuals!
  • 15 characters, each having its own set of talents and outfits.
  • Entertaining gameplay with addictive mechanics!
  • Infinite Mode will test your limits.
  • Excellent music for the background.
  • A fun game that all types of players may enjoy.

How to control

  • To jump through space tunnels, use the UP ARROW KEYS.
  • To rotate the world as you move, use the left and right arrow keys.
  • Holding the up arrow key will control your jumps.

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