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Stickman Extreme Racing 3D


Stickman Extreme Racing 3D - Test Your Courage In Races

Stickman Extreme Racing 3D is a fun 3D racing game to play as a stickman. A lot of obstacles are waiting for you at the track, will you pass?

Welcome to the Stickman Extreme Racing 3D game where you can enjoy entertaining racing! Coming to this game, you can do car races like in the Drift Boss game. You can drive through each level and overcome different challenges. Car races are constantly taking place and waiting for you to conquer. You will not be able to enjoy any other car races like in this game. Challenges are always waiting for you. Each level will advance in turn. However, can conquer these levels or not depends on your driving ability. Show your driving skills and drive this car with the game character.

In this game, your main character is a stickman. You can see this character in many other games like the Stickman Race 3D game. Stickman is a simple character with an unfussy design. This character will take the form of a human. This guy will have all the parts of a human body. However, you can't see his figure and face clearly. What you see is a human with the same color from head to toe. This character is for you to control. Drive this character through the game's toughest challenges. You will not be disappointed by this game!

How to play this driving game

Your character will drive a car. Your task is to control this car and avoid obstacles. The obstacles are located everywhere on the map. These obstacles can be located on the right, left, or in the middle of the path. You need to use your driving skills to avoid them.

In addition, they come in various shapes like round, square, and rectangular. Or even, there are obstacles with gaps in between. You can control the stickman to go through this gap. It is entirely possible.

Moreover, your path will also not be smooth. It has convex sections. Your car seems to be going on continuous slopes. Jump up and down and then up and down again. You will have a hard time keeping the balance for that car.

How to control:


  • Use WASD, arrow keys, or mouse to move your car to two sides and avoid obstacles.

How to beat obstacles easily in the Stickman Extreme Racing 3D game

In order to complete the levels in this game, you need to ensure safety and move to the destination. Accomplishing this mission is not easy because of the obstacles. So you need some way to get through these dangers easier. Here are some ways to help you avoid obstacles with ease. They are synthesized by us after experiencing this game.

You should look at the whole map. You should not just look at a small angle ahead. If you only look at a small angle, you will be surprised when the obstacles come unexpectedly. Besides, you also can't have a reasonable way to move. If you look at the whole map, you will see whether you should go left, right, or right.

Keeping calm in all cases is also a necessity to win this game. As long as your spirit is steady, all challenges will become easy.

Master the driving skills to control the car in the most flexible way. You will not be able to avoid complex obstacles if you do not know how to control the car properly.

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