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Stickman Slope


About Stickman Slope

Play Stickman Slope to have relaxing moments. You will have an adventure on the street, where you have to avoid obstacles and get the highest score.

Unlike Drift Boss, in this game, you are Stickman who is having a street adventure. You must have quick reflection and a clear mind to avoid obstacles. Because obstacles appear constantly, you can't be distracted.

Are you confident with your reflex? let's play Stickman Slope to test it!

Features of the Stickman Slope

  • Adventure on the street
  • Avoid obstacles
  • Collect ruby ​​and buy the item
  • Complete the mission

Collect gems to advance your character

There are 2 characters in this game, they are Trash Cat and Grandfather. You only need to pay 500 rubies and 2 whistles for the Trash Cat character. For the Grandfather character, you need to pay 3900 rubies and 15 whistles.

You also use ruby ​​to pay for some items such as magnets or X2. It helps you collect more ruby ​​and a higher score.

Besides, you can choose the theme of the street. You don't pay any ruby ​​for the day theme. However, You have to pay 1000 rubies and 15 whistles if you want to travel at the night.

How to play

Use the key arrow on the keyboard to control your character. Use skills flexibly to avoid different obstacles. Obstacles are barriers and trash cans or other things. Obstacles appear continuously, and each type requires a different skill to avoid. For example, you slide to the right side or the left side to avoid the trash cans. you jump up to overcome barriers.

How to control

  • Use the up arrow to jump up
  • Use the down arrow to slide down
  • Use the right arrow to slide the right side
  • Use the left arrow to slide the left side

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