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Stunt Crazy


Stunt Crazy is an epic speed 3D racing game, your goal is to destroy them all to claim you are a top driver and conquer the latest vehicles in the game.

In this endless action racing game, you can become a world-famous stuntman. Your mission is to race on the frozen highway, destroy 24 sets or engage in combat in an explosive-filled arena and make breaking news. Participate in stunt shows and win prizes. Earn big money so you can buy new, faster, and more explosive vehicles. With so many options, you'll never get tired of music. As you manage your gas, drive a futuristic car and jump over obstacles like rooftops. To reach your goal, collect stunt reels of red, blue, and yellow colors.

You may need to perform crazy stunts and other vehicles in the game to destroy things in your own way. Also, watch out for anyone who might try to stop you! You will need to damage their car, even bumps that lead to broken bones and other things. For those who like adventure racing games, this will definitely be an entertaining game.


  • Experience the wonderful, unique 3D game space.
  • Earn Discover epic cars.
  • 24 studios for you to conquer.
  • Play the game in Full-Screen mode for the best gaming experience.

With this good action racing game, we hope to help you have great relaxing moments. Complete the missions in the first game to unlock higher levels. What are you waiting for without joining the game now?

How to play

  • Use the WS key or the up and down arrow keys to move
  • Use the AD key or left and right arrow keys to flip the car in mid-air
  • Use the Z key to launch the rocket
  • Use the X key to use rockets
  • Use the C key to use bombs

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