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Swop Shoot

About Swop Shoot

Swop Shoot is an extremely fun 2 player shooting game. In which you control 2 stickmen that combine really well together to overcome the challenge.

Welcome to the great 2 player game that combines running and shooting. The two nahans the blue man and the red man are connected and dependent on each other so you should act as a single unit because Your life is one for two. One of them can handle one type of enemy, the other can defeat the others. Swap each other's positions and counter the appropriate strength for the enemies involved. And don't forget that your strength is in unity.

Blue people can only kill blue enemies, and red people can only kill red enemies. Therefore, you need to know how to control so that these two characters work together to destroy the opponent. Because the opponent is constantly moving towards you, you need to react quickly to promptly destroy him before he runs to you. Because if he can reach 2 characters then you will have to start the game again. When you reach the end of the level, you will merge and become the purple stickman to kill the boss.

How to play

You use the mouse, drag to change the position of the two characters.

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