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Guide Threes game

You will add numbers together in the Threes game. To finish this mission, you must think carefully and be smart in each movement. Good luck to you!

Arrange the numbers

You will move the numbers together to get high numbers. Number 1 only can be added to number 2 and vice versa. You can combine number 3 with number 4 because the numbers 3 and higher only can be plus with the same number( 4 add 4, 6 add 6). This rule makes this game more unique than the other number games.

How to calculate the scores

Threes will end when the grid runs out of space for new numbers. Then, you can know your points. This game also has very special ways to calculate points. Your score depends on numbers on the grid. You get no points with numbers 1 and 2. Number 3 for 3 points, number 6 for 9 points, 12 for 27 points, number 24 for 81 points and so on. Therefore, you get many high numbers that lead to a high score.

Customize the Threes game

  • This game allows you to turn on or off the game music or sound effects. However, it's better to play any game with music.
  • You can look at the rank on the screen by clicking on the rank button. This leaderboard shows off the top players who have the highest scores in the world.
  • Don't forget to click on the tutorial to get the introduction if you are a beginner. You can enhance your skill through many tries and I believe you will become a pro player in this game.

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