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Underwater Cycling


Underwater Cycling - Can You Cycle Underwater?

This new Underwater Cycling game is sure to be fun, as it is a cycling game, but the most exciting aspect of the game will be the fact that it will be played underwater. So you can support the game's character while cycling in the water, which always seems like a lot of fun since you don't often get a chance to ride a bike in the sea, so maybe this is a cycling game You play under the sea for the first time, and we hope you enjoy exploring it.

This game does not take you to an ordinary space. You will come to a space under the sea where you can see marine species. When you played the Water Race 3D game, you felt extremely excited when sliding on the cool slides. This game gives you even more wonderful feelings. You will move to the bottom of the ocean to control a bike. On this journey, you will travel across the ocean to reach your destination. An extremely exciting adventure!


  • Fun bike racing game.
  • Beautiful underwater scene.
  • Endless sounds.
  • Many challenges for you.
  • Suitable for all ages.

How to finish levels in the Underwater Cycling game

Your task in this game is to control a bicycle to reach the destination. Of course, the game won't be that simple. You will have to overcome the obstacles and challenges of this game. Pass all the dangers to complete the levels. You have a lot of levels to complete and a lot of entertaining tracks to try, so just ride as fast as you can while avoiding all of the obstacles in your way. Good luck!

Tips: Make sure the oxygen bomb never runs out of oxygen. Keep yourself in shape by collecting refills along the route.

Release date: June 2019

Developers: FreezeNova.

How to control: WASD or arrow keys to control the bike Left shift to boost. Tab or Esc to toggle pause

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